As Long As You’re With Me

My version of a love song.

Ode To Santa

A friend going through a transitional period, as our night out with some beers carried on, a musical inspiration came along and by 3am it was done.


It happens to everyone.

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Dylan’s never a bad thing.


One day you look in the mirror and meet an older version of yourself.

Ballad Of Billy Joe

A particular movie really made me think what a certain experience would be like. Click Here for the Lyrics

Blond Haired Woman

A twist on a Springsteen song.


Written with my family in mind.

Chicken Man

All of us have a collection of insecurities.

Quarter Life Crisis

Who says the only option is a midlife crisis.

Summer In The City

Written at Baker Beach on a typical summer day in San Francisco.

Hungry Heart

Bruce – Welcome to Alameda!

Chenelle’s Song

A tongue in cheek song written for my niece.


Written on a napkin at a neighborhood bar while watching a couple have a grand discussion.


A friend asked my thoughts on war. Thank you to our beloved dog Minnie Mouth for helping with the vocals.

Purple Rain

Thanks Prince! You will be missed.

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